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Helping your company make history!

Website Design & SEO Agency, London

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Website Design Packages

New Business Package

Are you starting a new business and need a website? This package includes everything you need to get started online.

Corporate Package

Are you looking for a new, modern website to help move your business forward into the new age? This package has everything you need.

Enterprise Package

Do you need an individual website for each country your company operates in? This package has everything you need for global expansion.

Search Engine Optimisation Packages

SEO Silver Package

For new websites looking to make their first impact in Google Search.

SEO Blue Package

For established websites looking to extend their reach through Google Search.

SEO Gold Package

For established websites looking to expand their Google Search results throughout the world.

Search engine optimisation is the key to any business thriving online!

At Moon Boots Media we know that SEO is ever-changing and requires constant focus and hard work to maintain and increase your traffic through search results.

Our Website Design & SEO Service is here to help!


Every website we build is optimised for peak performance in Search Engine Optimisation! 

Not all websites are created equal, some may look the part, but how well do they fare in the Search Engine Optimisation arena?

Every website we build has the finest attention paid to Search Engine Optimisation, so not only will your website look the part, but it will also be ready for Google Search!

 Our websites are all fully responsive! 

Fully Responsive

Visits from mobiles and tablets can make up to 50% of a websites traffic! This is why every single website we build is fully responsive, which is also a key factor for ranking in Google Search.

Easy to Navigate

Visitors to your website will quickly turn away if the website is difficult to navigate! That is why when build a website we emphasise a simple and easy-to-use website layout.

Fast Page Load Speed

Every website must load quickly and efficiently otherwise visitors will click away! And not only that, but page load speed is also a factor in Google's search algorithm, so a slow website can quite literally mean lower keyword rank. That is why all of our websites are built to load as quickly as possible.

Paysage Dinosaures

We also offer an amazing range of optional website add-ons for Hosting, Support, Security and Hack Prevention & Response! 

Website Hosting

You can choose to host your website with any provider you choose, or you can make life easy and host directly with us! We offer hosting which can be upgraded quickly and easily at any point depending on your needs.

Malware Scan, Removal & Prevention

Hackers will often deploy hacks which will target thousands of websites at once and yours could be amongst them regardless of how old it is. This service offers daily scans which monitor your website for any potentially dangerous activity, as well as protecting your website from potential hacks and removing them quickly in the event one succeeds.

SSL Certificates

Visitors to your site will look to the top-right corner of their screen to make sure that the site they are visiting is secure, this is where an SSL Certificate comes into play. Whether you operate an online shop or an information website, Google has made it known that SSL-secured websites will generally rank higher than those without as it shows an awareness of security risks and an eagerness to stop them in their tracks.

We understand that every website has different needs when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation! 

Every website requires a different approach when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. Some websites are fresh out of the oven while others have been around for years, and each one will have their own hurdles to jump to rank highly in Google Search.

Whether you're at the beginning of your journey and need us to handle your SEO efforts so you can focus on building your business, or your website has been around for a long time but hasn't been able to keep up with Google's constant algorithm changes, we're here to help!

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What Our Customers Say

To this day, the world wide web remains as one of humanity's greatest inventions. With that being said, it is an everlasting invention that exists in a state of constant adaptation. The only way to surmise above the billions of other websites, enterprises and entities on the internet is to learn how to adapt and evolve as well. It's a serious concept that few will be able to truly grasp and, most importantly, apply it effectively. When it comes to beautiful web design, expert website security, and the highest level of SEO required, Moon Boots Media rises as the ultimate choice. Plus, the team is incredibly responsive and can provide you with personal one-to-one assistance whether you are a website wizard, a tech guru, or even if you are just brand new to creating websites. As a business owner, mass content producer and veteran technology consultant, I need to have the tools that will securely guarantee that my site will not only become noticed, but rise to the very top with distinction and without compromise. The team at Moon Boots Media is committed to keeping your site moving through the future, providing the world's foremost tools for boosting your site to the top, and to creating a powerful platform that will expel the competition into another galaxy. When it comes to the pinnacle of website creation and adaptability, there is no one in the known universe, and even potentially in the hypothetical multiverse, that I trust more than Moon Boots Media.

Christian Meza, CTO of Aerolite Meteorites & CEO of CMM

Website Design, Security & SEO Service, London

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